Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Tips (With Photos)

4 Best Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Tips

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Excess weight can be a big nuisance in a person’s life. Most overweight people may pretend to be fine and comfortable in their bodies. However, there is an underlying pain, only known to themselves.

Jorge Garcia is an actor who was once in this position. He has appeared in TV shows like LOST, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0, iSteve, and many more. He managed to shed off 30 pounds of weight just before the filming of LOST. Sooner, he regained it. What a heartbreak! Jorge Garcia decided to set on a journey to losing weight after it became a threat to his life.

The following are some of Jorge Garcia weight loss tips he used to shed off a pretty good amount of weight.

Tip #1 : Going Vegan

jorge garcia weight loss
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The foodie Jorge Garcia decided enough is enough. This is after fellow cast-mates started complaining so much about his weight. They were very worried that something tragic might happen to him. Although doctors had recommended a gastric coronary bypass surgery to reduce his rate of consuming food, Jorge Garcia took the matter in his hands.

He turned into a vegetarian. His diet mainly composed of plant-based products like fruits and all types of vegetables. He completed avoided eating any animal-based products including dairy products. Becoming a vegan was a turning point in his weight loss journey. Within a span of two years, Jorge Garcia lost a whole 100 pounds from his original weight of 400 pounds. This meant he was eventually out of danger. His fans were super proud of him and even urged him to keep on.

Tip #2 : Avoid Alcohol and Convenience Food

jorge garcia weight loss
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When Jorge Garcia made up a personal decision of losing weight, he faced a lot of difficulties. Being a foodie that he is, he could simply not believe that he’s going to avoid some foods, including his favourites. As determined as he was, he made the decision to eat healthy.

He also avoided drinking alcohol and eating convenience foods. These foods mostly have lots of calories, combined with the ones you add while preparing. Alcohol is a great contributor to weight gain. During this time, he appeared a bit slimmer than his usual size. However, his struggle led him to drinking and eating harmful again. There were pictures of him drinking alcohol and eating junk circulating online. This was a difficult time when he needed a lot of self-control than never before.

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Tip #3 : Nooch Diet

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This Nutritional Yeast diet is good for weight loss, especially for vegans. It works by breaking down fats into proteins. Jorge Garcia switched to this deactivated yeast diet when he was asked to lose some weight for his appearance in LOST. He also concentrated on taking in low- carbohydrates and protein-rich food. This diet was strict since he was under the guidance of weight loss professionals. He also kept drinking at bay for the sake of his weight loss journey.

When it comes to weight loss, patience is very essential. However, Jorge Garcia was not very patient to lose weight. Although he lost 30 pounds of weight during this time, he soon went back to his unhealthy lifestyle. He continued drinking and eating everything his tongue wants to taste. Within no time, he added even more weight than he had lost. He just felt like the ‘Nooch diet’ was not working for him.

Tip #4 : Exercise

jorge garcia weight loss
Pic credit: Lostified

Before the casting of LOST, Jorge Garcia was required to lose weight. For this reason, he was placed under the guidance of professionals to help him achieve this. Exercises were part of his weight loss plan. Apart from the ‘Nooch diet’, Jorge Garcia used to work out. Among the work outs were jogging, push-ups, arm circles, stairs running and others. Coupled with healthy eating, avoiding alcohol, and drinking plenty of water, he somehow lost some weight.


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Precisely, losing weight for Jorge Garcia has been a hell of a journey. The on and off struggles have been many. Going vegan is what made the biggest difference. Currently, he is in better shape than he was before losing 100 pounds. Losing weight requires determination, patience, persistence, perseverance, and hard work. If you really mean it, you can easily achieve it. Since his body is food-addictive, he may opt for another way of losing weight faster; maybe the gastric coronary bypass surgery. Hopefully, these Jorge Garcia weight loss tips motivates us on our weight loss journey.


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